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Sailing to San Blas, Panama

Sailing to San Blas, Panama We entered the island archipelago from the east and stayed for four days – but if you have the time it’s worth staying longer. For safe navigation in this region, as well as all the usual tools and techniques, it is best to use the Panama Naval Navigation Book called: The … Continued

Sail Portobelo, Colon, Panama

Sail Portobelo, Colon, Panama Out from shelter bay marina in panama Planing our next stop in  Portobello, Colon Panama about 3.5 hours sail  From quit far off we saw a sea of Masts…  As we approached, we could see that this was a central place for abandoned and neglect boats. Portobello in Colon Panama Portobello … Continued

Panarea Aeolian Islands- Docking options

Panarea Aeolian Islands- Docking options Panarea lies on an underwater platform that juts out of the sea at numerous points around the island including the islets of panarelli, Dattilo, Lisca Bianca & Lisca Nera, Basiluzzo and the Formiche Rocks. Scalo Ditella (san Pietro) is on the E side of the Island The pier is used by … Continued

Salina, Aeolian Islands, Sicily

Salina, Aeolian Islands, Sicily Salina Lies two miles NW of Lipari island Santa Marina Salina is on the E coast off a small town You can call on a VHF Ch 16or channel 11 for Porto Delle Eolie Malfa or (Scalo Galera) Is a miniature harbour on the N coast With Depths between 1 and … Continued

Aeolian Islands, docking options around LIPARI island | Sicily | sea tv

Lipari, the largest of the Aeolian Islands has plenty to offer. Watch for recommended docking spots, tips for getting around the island, where we had great lunch, and of course – the best slice of Pizza in town – Pizzeria Pescecane! 🍕   Docking options:  Marina Pigantaro lies at the N end of Lipari Roadstead … Continued

STROMBOLI Aeolian Islands Sicily SeaTV sailing channel

STROMBOLI Aeolian Islands Sicily SeaTV sailing channel Stromboli is known as “the lighthouse of the mediterranean” An active volcano rises to 925m above sea level  You can climb the volcano, but it is hard. This video is about Docking  options around the Stromboli island  At scri, which is the main harbour, you can Anchor or … Continued

Vulcano island Sicily- where to dock? & things to do | SeaTV

Vulcano island Sicily- where to dock? & things to do | SeaTV This video is about docking options in the Volcano island, depending on the wind direction  At Gelso- you can Anchor off the beach to the NE to the jetty in depths between  3-10m Depths drop off quickly. Porto Di Levante lie s on … Continued

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