STROMBOLI Aeolian Islands Sicily SeaTV sailing channel - Sea TV

STROMBOLI Aeolian Islands Sicily SeaTV sailing channel

STROMBOLI Aeolian Islands Sicily SeaTV sailing channel

Stromboli is known as “the lighthouse of the mediterranean”

An active volcano rises to 925m above sea level 

You can climb the volcano, but it is hard.

This video is about Docking  options around the Stromboli island 

At scri, which is the main harbour, you can Anchor or pick up a mooring 

on the E side of Punta della Lena

Between  April and  October

N of the mole there are buoys & Boat service to go ashore

In calm weather- you can Anchor off the black beach in front of the village on the S side of Punta della Lena

Keep clear of the underwater cables 

Which are marked on charts

You can Anchor off to the S of the ferry pier

Where Depths drop off quickly from 10 to 20m and the Holding is uncertain 

The Anchorage is not protected from the Swell

After dark its good to  motor around to the NW or W side

We have a Great view of Stromboli’s fireworks

& One mile NNE of the anchorage lies Strombolicchio

Even in calm weather- you can’t anchor.

At Ficogrande

You can anchor  in 10m death the bottom is rocky 


Anchor off either side of pta Lazzaro on the E side in 8-10m

On the W side anchor off the E side 

The spectacular island, which has been ‘starred’ in Odysseus’ voyages in its nine years of voyage in the Mediterranean, is also called the ‘oldest tower in the world’ which the volcanic eruptions that have been active to date have served the navigators of the ancient world as a point of reference from afar.

The recommended docking, to the south of the town, is c. 400 m, at a distance of 70-150 m from the shoreline, in shallow water of 6-12 m in the ground covered with black volcanic dust, free of grass and good grip. In season there are also recommended bindings if there is a typical density of this famous island. Landing to the beach with the dingy, and leaving it on the beach, near the pier to which ferries and a filling station are connected. It should be taken into account that the anchorage is not protected from the development of the Swall, and in our second stay, anchored near the small pier, southwest of the dock, by pinning a silky bottom, winds ‘lifted’ waves that made the night anchorage unpleasant.

At nightfall, boats raise anchor and begin a cruise of curious Curves towards the west of the island to which they descend, from the summit of the muzzle to the water line, hot lava, a spectacular sight and very unique to the degree of weather permitting. It is recommended to stop engines and listen to the power of nature and to the “licking” of the lava, it is likely that on the deck of the boat will be covered with a thin layer of volcanic dust, do not worry, everything goes down in the rinsing and there are no marks or stains.

A tour of the settled village shows the way of life in the active mountain shadow, many signs mark the paths of escape from a possible tsunami, the last and the fatal one was in 2002. In a conversation with the native, we learned about the “behaviour patterns” of the mountain mound, (Called ‘cork’) will result in a volcanic eruption, which can occur once every few days, and at such a time climbing to the mountain is forbidden. Rising towards the possible muzzle, in coordination with a guide, and in particular shoes and clothing.

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