Vulcano island Sicily- where to dock? & things to do | SeaTV - Sea TV

Vulcano island Sicily- where to dock? & things to do | SeaTV

Vulcano island Sicily- where to dock? & things to do | SeaTV

This video is about docking options in the Volcano island, depending on the wind direction 

At Gelso- you can Anchor off the beach to the NE to the jetty in depths between  3-10m

Depths drop off quickly.

Porto Di Levante lie

s on the E side of the island

N of the Ferry- you can anchor- clear of moorings.

Porto Di Ponente- the pinnacle rocks on either side of the bay


In the north of the island, two convenient and safe docking options, depending on the direction of the winds. We chose to anchor in Porto Di Levante, that lies on the E side of the island.


It is also possible to tie the dingy to the next restaurant platform. In a few minutes’ walks, you can cross the island spur and reach the shopping area and the commercial anchorage in Porto di Levante.

Anchored in the magnificent bay of Porto Di Levante, on sandy soil (bright) and good grip on its northern part. Many commercial ferries should be considered in this bay, but it will be highly protected by northern and western winds.

A tour of the active maw of the mountain (with a steady emission of sulfuric fumes), an hour’s hike, led us to a spectacular view of the whole chain of islands to the north and Sicily to the south. The hike is a marked walk of about 800 meters. Near the Black Sand Beach, you can soak in mud pools and hot water bubbling from the ground and pay for the nearby showers.

Near the centre of the life of Porto Di Levante, there is a supermarket next to it is a fruit and vegetable store. If necessary, get fuel only from the gas station using jerry cans. Scuba and paragliding enthusiasts will find active clubs. Rent a light car or scooter, you will be able to tour the island for about forty kilometres of paved roads leading to observation points where you can view all seven islands in the chain.

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