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Best Anchorages Minorca Spain

Best Anchorages Minorca Spain Do not anchor on the Posidonia! Minorca lies at the eastern end of the Balearic Islands. It’s heaven on earth, with a frequent mistral north wind blowing around it. This lovely Mediterranean island has a rich ecological interior and cultural inheritance. SW of the Island Ciuttadella – Cala Des Degollador 39°59’38.0″N 3°49’39.9″E … Continued

5 Top travel destinations for 2022

5 Top travel destinations for 2022 There are infinite breathtaking places on earth. In this video, you’ll get ideas for five of them. Of course, you can share the destinations you like best, in the comments below. In equal first place – Greece & Italy are my love; every voyage, every sail, where the heart … Continued

5 top anchorages we loved in the Caribbeans

Marigot Bay, Saint Lucia  Saint Lucia is full of lovely anchorages, Marigot Bay is the most popular, lies on the Northern part of the Island. This Sheltered creek has it all:  Natural trails will guide you through the rainforest where you can find the rare parrot on earth. Inside the Harbour mooring boys & small … Continued

Top Mallorca Island Spain Destinations

Top Mallorca Island Spain Destinations top recommended things to do when Sailing around Mallorca Island spain  Cala Murta Cala Murta Is a unique small  bay located on the north side of the island.  Here you can anchor on Sand, in 5-7m .  swim and snorkel with lots of fish surrounding you. Formentor Formentor is  a … Continued

TOP 7 Must Do Things for Sailors in PHUKET AREA Thailand

It’s the time of year to enjoy TROPICAL destinations, so we decided to share with you a special heaven on earth. Here are our TOP 7 must do things for sailors in PHUKET AREA Thailand 1. In KOH PANAK island – take your dinghy for an adventure through the 50m tunnel, and don’t forget to take … Continued

Best anchorages in Mallorca Spain

First thing you should do, when sailing around The Balearic Islands, is to download the Donia App- There are lots of reserved areas. Best anchorages in Mallorca Spain Cala Murta 39° 56.40′ N, 3° 10.92′ E (Pollensa)  39.939200, 3.182515 Spectacular Small anchorage  Bottom is mostly weed with some sandy spots. Cala Pi de La Posada (Formentor) … Continued

Where to store your boat until next season?Points for thought

While sailing around Mallorca, Spain, the moment has come when every boat owner has to think about where he will store his boat until next season…  Points for thought: * Price – leaving the boat in Mallorca Island costs double  or even four times the price in the Barcelona area * Shelter – how protected … Continued

Windy app for Apple Watch app for Apple Watch; such a cool feature, shows on your wrist; Compass with forecast wind rose METARs, with super handy “notify me on update” button Download windy forecast to your iPhone- open it via your watch and there it is.

Common Mistakes Sailors make during day sail

Common mistakes sailors make on day sailing Hurry in every aspect because it’s a short sailing: preparation, departure, return to the marina Before sailing:  Forget to disconnect shore power Forget to check diesel, you can never know, even if you remember how much there was left, maybe since you have left there was a leak?! … Continued

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