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5 Top travel destinations for 2022

5 Top travel destinations for 2022

There are infinite breathtaking places on earth. In this video, you’ll get ideas for five of them. Of course, you can share the destinations you like best, in the comments below.

In equal first place – Greece & Italy are my love; every voyage, every sail, where the heart swells, the palate melts, 

and moments of happiness flood you…

In these two countries, I could  sail into the end of time.

Sail Greece

Sail Italy

Of course, it depends if you have a relaxing family cruise; then, I recommend locations such as the Ligurian coast in Italy or The Ionian Sea in Greece. And if you feel like extreme sailing, then plenty of areas are waiting for you in Greece: 

In third place – the United States, the land of opportunity as well as sails: 

The entrance under the Verrazano bridge to New York is extremely powerful.

Sail NY

 In fourth place – the Azores islands,  an incomparably colourful surprise in Portugal.

Sail Azores islands 

In fifth place – Thailand, ladies and Gentlemen, Thailand.

When Europe is cold and grey, visit Thailand, see more in our videos, link below

 Sail Thailand

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