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Plan your Sail with AI

If you’re planning your next sailing adventure, I highly recommend harnessing the power of AI and using these incredible platforms. Trust me; it will make your trip a memorable one.

These are the platforms I use:
* A new tool from the creator of OpenAI.
The tool is called MindMap and it actually breaks down any topic you choose into its factors.
For example, I entered our next sailing vacation around Corsica Island(check out the video).

*This is the Prompt I used on Chat GPT:
“Act like a seasoned travel planner with a deep knowledge of local prices, attractions, and cost-effective strategies worldwide. I’m planning a 10-day sail around Corsia Island and need a comprehensive budget, including accommodations, meals, transportation & daily activities. I’d like to explore a unique & engaging activity each day. Provide a detailed breakdown of the budget as follows:
Accommodation: Recommended places to dock/ anchor within a moderate budget.
Transportation: Suggest cost-effective ways to travel within the location, including airport transfers. Our yacht moors in Porto di Santa Teresa Gallura, Sardinia, so renting a boat is unnecessary.
Food & Drinks: Recommend local, affordable restaurants, and estimate daily food & drink costs.
Daily Activities: Suggest one unique, must-see activity for each day, considering its cost and uniqueness to the location.
Miscellaneous: Consider potential extra costs like tips, souvenirs, emergency funds etc.”

I must point out that all the information given to me by my good friend is correct. I checked every bay and marina he wrote about.

Thanks to artificial intelligence and these high-quality platforms, planning my cruise vacation has never been easier. I can confidently create an itinerary that suits my preferences and discover hidden gems.

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