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Best Anchorages Minorca Spain

Best Anchorages Minorca Spain

Do not anchor on the Posidonia!

Minorca lies at the eastern end of the Balearic Islands. It’s heaven on earth, with a frequent mistral north wind blowing around it. This lovely Mediterranean island has a rich ecological interior and cultural inheritance.

SW of the Island

Ciuttadella – Cala Des Degollador 39°59’38.0″N 3°49’39.9″E

A charming famous harbour town. Along with the SW coast of Menorca. This former capital charms sailors with a beautiful mix of lovely beaches and nice anchorage close to the port. I

n calm weather- You can anchor in 5-7m on sand.  

This anchorage can be a bit choppy because the ferries dock close to it..

Son Saura 39°55’33.0″N 3°53’37.8″E

Son Saura a large bay on the SW of Minorca. 

You can anchor in 5-7m on sand.

In calm weather, you can anchor on sand in 5m. Its a large bay with good shelter from the N-NE. Strip or rock and weed cross the bay’s middle.

The s of Minorca

Son Bou 39°53’42.6″N 4°04’27.5″E

A long coast line starts in the western part of Playa de Binigaus, followed by Sant Tomas and Son Bou resorts.

These resorts offer everything: bars, restaurants, supermarkets, car rentals and more. Along the entire distance, in calm weather, you can anchor on 5-8m  the bottom is sand.

Remains of an ancient Christian basilica & necropolis built in the late 5th/early 6th centuries.

Cala Porter 39° 52.07′ N, 4° 7.90′ E

Cala Porter has a unique atmosphere with a large tourist resort ashore.

Deep-reaching bay with 40m-high cliffs. Famous tourist centre. Attraction inside the cliffs: Cova d’en Xoroi,  Worth a visit in daylight and night when you’ve got to boogie…

Drop anchor above sandy bottom, depths 7-3m. Red buoys indicate that anchoring is prohibited on the bay’s east side.

Cala Teulera 39°52’40.8″N 4°18’30.0″E

Cala Teulera is an anchorage located in the east of Menorca. It is well protected with muddy bottom- good holding.

it is the only place where anchoring is allowed around the entrance to Mahon.

The north coast of Menorca is dominated by the Mistral, a strong northerly wind, that continues to interrupt sailing trips, even in summer.

Care should also be taken because of shallow areas, particularly close to capes.

Cala Addaya 40°00’13.8″N 4°12’01.2″E

A buoyed channel over 1M leads to a small marina and an anchorage. The outer buoys lighted.

Cala Addava gives the impression of an estuary extending into the countryside between cliffs and green pines. Beautiful countryside surrounds the very protected small marina.

Puerto Addaya is close to a tourist settlement. South of the marina, one can find a buoy field and an anchorage

Cala Addaya is part of the National Park S’Albufera des Grau. Here it’s prohibited to drop anchor where weed covers the bottom. Anchor bans exist for the shallow water area south of the Islas Carbo on the east side of the buoyed channel that leads to the marina and at

the southernmost tip of Cala Addaya.

This is a reasonably large, well sheltered, scenic, and peaceful anchorage south of the marina. 

Arenal D’ En Castell 40° 1.42′ N, 4° 11.00′ E

Sheltered bay except during north winds.

Caution: two dangerous shoals 0.5nm north of the bay.

The bottom is sand and weed. Depths around 5m. Bars, restaurants. Supermarkets and doctors can be found close to the beach.

Cala’n Tosqueta 40°3.413’N  4°10.019’E

Lovely spot for swim and basketball, We anchored in 6m the bottom is sand & weed

Fornells 40°2.489’N  4°7.672’E

Fornells is a large bay  with extended buoy fields on the north coast but sheltered during the mistral

Cala d’Algaiarens 40°02’55.9″N 3°55’15.3″E

Cala Morell 40°03’19.7″N 3°53’00.1″E

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