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Sailing from The Azores to Portugal

The Azores islands turned out to be an amazing surprise, breathtaking scenery, friendly people and lots of seas After Hurricane “Lorenzo” moved near Sao Miguel island where Racheal anchored, it was time to sail to Portugal 800NM of OF OCEAN TO CROSS After checking the forecast for the next few days, and having STOCKED UP … Continued

My mini crossing Sao Miguel, Azores to Portimao, Portugal

My mini crossing from Sao Miguel, the Azores to Portimao, Portugal was amazing; Sailing Out from Ponta Delgada Marina on 13th of October, 35knots, six days, 800NM, sunrise, Sunset, nice Energies, beautiful crew. If only I could photograph the spectacular images that engraved in my brain: falling stars, The bow of the boat in front … Continued

Sailing the New York Harbour

Entering the NY Harbor from the Ocean: In order to find the currents information refer to Eldridge – Tide and Current book of the present year or use one of the tides & current websites recommended below. The reference point is The Narrows, NY Harbor – which is located at under the bridge – mid-channel … Continued

Sailing to San Blas, Panama

Sailing to San Blas, Panama We entered the island archipelago from the east and stayed for four days – but if you have the time it’s worth staying longer. For safe navigation in this region, as well as all the usual tools and techniques, it is best to use the Panama Naval Navigation Book called: The … Continued

Sail Portobelo, Colon, Panama

Sail Portobelo, Colon, Panama Out from shelter bay marina in panama Planing our next stop in  Portobello, Colon Panama about 3.5 hours sail  From quit far off we saw a sea of Masts…  As we approached, we could see that this was a central place for abandoned and neglect boats. Portobello in Colon Panama Portobello … Continued

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