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Sail Turkey- Sailing route: Gemiler- Göcek

sailing route from Gocek to Gemiler Adasi, Turkey

Sailing Route Gemiler Adasi Cocek | Must BE bays in Gocek:

Sailing route part 1

Terasana bay

Seagull bay

Kapi Creek

Oul Deniz

Gemiler adasi

Yassica adalari

Wall bay

Tomb bay

Bounoz buko

sailed approximately 17M to Olu Deniz- a beautiful land-locked bay, prohibited area. Yachts can not anchor in the lagoon. Anchor outside the entrance. then sailed to Karacaoren Buku – a sheltered bay – for the night.  If you feel like hiking- go up the mountain- great view.

Next day, we sailed back to Gocek: depends how many days you have, to Chill between these gorgeous islands.

Watch the videos in the description below about  these gorgeous islands.

Enjoy your sail and remember to keep it clean

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