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Sail Portugal Marina Portimao

After midnight we slowly approached the marina, the night was dark, and the city’s background lights interfered with accurate identification of the breakwater. However, Navionics charts and the GPS helped us see into the night.

We passed the entrance to the bay, and in the dark, we noticed several yachts anchored on the right (to the east of us).

When entering the marina, turn right along the pier which is also the visitors’ quay.
We tied up, and raised a glass of whiskey for the end of our journey

At dawn, the marina was fully revealed. 
It’s divided into two areas that are similar and surrounded by yellow/ orange buildings used by the hotel.
On the visitor’s quay, there’s the fuel station and the marina offices at the end of it
The reception was cordial and included explanations of the marina and all the facilities around.

In the marina booklet, you will find a list of professionals and equipment stores, most of which are located in the massive shipyard, 10-minute drive around the bay.

Very quickly, we started our Preparations of leaving Rachel at her new home for the winter,
That included filling the fuel and water tanks, lowering the jib, updating the faults list and, of course, cleaning the boat inside & out.

Proper planning of the shopping list before leaving for the cruise has left us with storage boxes which can be saved for the next trip. 

In the evening, and after making use of the marina’s excellent showers, we dined at a recommended marina restaurant.

Along this stretch of land, isolated beaches with wild reddish cliffs in a deep blue sea and fishing villages.
With a small boat, you can approach the cliffs and enter the caves where the wind and water have carved terrific shapes.

Above the cliffs, there is a 10-km promenade, it’s a stunning view and highly recommended.

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