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Sail Greece | Lavrion Marina

Lavrion marina in Laurium, a seaside town at the most southeastern tip of Attica, Greece.
The unique location affords access to some of the most beautiful beaches of the Attic coastline, such as the beautiful beach of Legraina, the famous sandy beach of Pounta Zeza, Vgethi, Tsonima, Vromopoussi, Ennia, Daskalio and Kakia Skala, which is the only organised beach.
More attractions that can be found around are the Archaeological Museum of Lavrio fill with exiting history of the area, the Mineralogical Museum of Lavrio showcasing the incredible mineral wealth of Lavreotiki, one of the most significant mining areas in the world.
Don’t forget to visit the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion which is one of the most important temples in Greece.
If you miss the city hustle and bustle, in less then an hour you can be in Athens! Lavrio is connected to Athens by car using the Lavrio/Sounio Leoforos (Highway) and then Attiki Odos.
A quite convenient solution to go to Athens is to “park and drive”. Drive from Lavrio to Koropi Train Station and there take the train ‘proastiakos’ or metro that goes straight to Athens center. (30 minutes drive + 30 minutes train).

Take a virtual tour at Lavrion here

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