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Common Mistakes Sailors make during day sail

Common mistakes sailors make on day sailing

Hurry in every aspect because it’s a short sailing: preparation, departure, return to the marina

Before sailing: 

Forget to disconnect shore power

Forget to check diesel, you can never know, even if you remember how much there was left, maybe since you have left there was a leak?!

Lack of planning the departure and the approach upon return with consideration of the wind angle and speed.

Also lack of planning of the sailing direction according to the time frame and the wind angle. For example starting off downwind with a broad reach is a mistake because close reaching and tacking always takes more time than we think. Then find themselves having to motor against the wind.

Don’t release reefing lines before sailing and then they get stuck while trying to hoist the sails.

Don’t take the forecast into consideration, and don’t adapt the sailing directions and the reefs to the upcoming changes.

Don’t Brief the crew or at least one crew member

Examples for points to brief:

Do not leave drinks unsecured. They will spill!

Do not go forward on the lee side deck

It is recommended to go down below as little as possible if the yacht is heeling  and there are waves.

While departing and docking, keeping quiet is necessary for the skipper to concentrate and communicate with the crew.

While passing from one spot to another, always hold on to something steady and not moving ropes.

Do not pass hands through the helm

When getting in the water, always hold on to the rope/ stay in the “pool” made by the rope because the yacht is moving faster than you might think


During sailing: 

While departing, widening the angle with a push by the boat hook from  the middle of the yacht.

Using the boat hook for widening the angle from the dock when the conditions are not suitable for it (as opposed to using a spring)

Forget to pick up the fenders > increases the chance of losing fenders.

Motoring too fast in the marina without watching our from other departing yachts.

Releasing the main halyard too much before hoisting the mainsail which may cause the halyard to get stuck around the steaming lights.

Let swimmers in the water too close to shore without taking into consideration the drift of the yacht.

Hoisting the mainsail too close to the marina wave breaker

Forget to turn on the navigation lights during the sunset.

Using the safety equipment for water games.

Upon return:

Pull the Mainsheet too tight and squash the bimini

Forget to raise the swimming platform

Forget to let down the fenders in the entrance of the marina or remember too late and panic last minute.

Tie incorrect knots on the cleat or in general

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