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Plage de Saleccia   42° 43′ 43″ N, 9° 12′ 18″ E Golfe de Girolata N  42° 21′ 8″ N, 8° 35′ 47″ E Anse de la Figuera 41° 58′ 11″ N, 8° 38′ 2″ E Cala Lazarina 41° 20′ 20″ N, 9° 15′ 5″ E Golfe de Pinarellu 41° 40′ 30″ N, 9° 22′ 39″ … Continued


Sailing Sardinia Italy  After Sicily, Sardinia is the largest island in the Mediterranean.  A mysterious island for most people; an undiscovered place, an island colonised but never dominated, a Christian land that exudes paganism. It lies 112 miles from Italy’s mainland and 7 miles from Corsica. A large part is hilly and mountainous, with a … Continued


Minorca lies at the eastern end of the Balearic Islands. It’s heaven on earth, with a frequent mistral north wind blowing around it. This lovely Mediterranean island has a rich ecological interior and cultural inheritance. The comfortable summer cruising season runs from late May to late September. Overcrowding peaks from mid-July to late August. Unsettled weather … Continued

Mediterranean Coast

Spain has one of the longest coastlines in the Mediterranean. Mediterranean coast of Spain has a length over 1,600 kilometers. The southern coast of Spain is located on the territory of the autonomous regions Andalusia, Murcia, Valencia and Catalonia (listed from west to east). This is one of the most warm and favorable for a … Continued


Around the island, you can find several harbors and many bays and calas (coves) where it’s possible to anchor. The approach to Mallorca does not usually raise any concerns, given its good visibility from many miles and being well lit at night, and you’ll find deep water up to the coast, unveiling very few dangers. … Continued

Balearic Islands

Formed by five main islands, several islets, with hundreds of anchorages and dozen marinas, the Balearic Islands are a gem in the Mediterranean sea. All islands offer you different yet beautiful scenarios, with their characteristic calas (coves), and sometimes almost untouched, dramatic landscapes. With all they have to offer, these Islands are some of the … Continued

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