Cannes Yachting Festival 2021 - Sea TV yacht show
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Cannes Yachting Festival 2021

Yachting is not immune to awareness of the environmental crisis. Reconciling nautical activities with respecting the environment is tomorrow’s challenge. Marinas, the nautical sector, professional actors and users have been becoming aware of the true consequences of their activities on the environment for several years.

Despite restrictive international rules aiming to protect natural environments (hybrid propulsion, reduction of noise pollution, more regulations for mooring zones to preserve seabeds…), and the obligation for marinas with more than 100 places to reserve 1% of their spaces for electric boats from 2022, the transition is slow.

The Yachting Festival had already started making an environmental shift in 2019 with the “Energy Observer” edu- cational exhibition presenting work on hydrogen and renewable energy under- taken by the boat of that name.

To go even further, this year the Festival has organised a full “Green” route for visitors: it is an environmental route highlighting exhibitors developing or presenting an envi- ronmentally-friendly concept. More than 50 exhibitors are taking part in this route which will showcase equipment and 80 boats or equipment that are innovative from an environmentally-friendly viewpoint. All exhibitors taking part in this route show the logo

07/09/2021 - 12/09/2021
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light wind so walking around is not so hard
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Beautiful girl on a beautiful boat- Amel50
After the show a nice swim
I love Swan!
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Love her Curves, Swan48
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More & more Cat's
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The new Lagoon 55 OMG!