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Aeolian Islands, Sicily : before planning Before planning your route around the Islands, watch the wind direction video where to start Porto rosa marina is a Great starting point for sailing adventure to the Aeolian Islands⚓New York : important tip It is important to learn the current patterns in order to plan your sail into the harbour, especially if you want to sail up the East River and into the Long Island Sound⚓Azores, Portugal : Tip1 it is best to sail from Faial or Pico in the central part of the archipelago, where there are the most islands in reasonable proximity to each other.   Tip2 To charter a boat in the Azores, you need a fair amount of experience, as the sailing can be challenging, ranging from simple coastal hops to true ocean passages in sometimes strong weather. Tip3 Sailing in Portuguese waters you are expected to book in and out of every harbour you visit, which isn’t quite as difficult as it sounds. You can usually book out of ports the day before you actually leave; also, because officials see the SailAzores charter boats all the time, they do seem willing to cut them some slack⚓Montenegro : Cruising permit A cruising permit is required for Montenegro. It is available on arrival.  When approaching the coast of Montenegro you may be contacted by a coastguard or naval vessel so VHF16 must be monitored at all times High Season June, July & August Car rentals Renting a car? Great! just Have some patience, it can be a long drive in these narrow streets...⚓Phuket, Thailand : Phuket International Airport There are direct flights into Phuket International Airport (HKT). It takes approximately 20mins via Taxi to get to the Marina. Taxis are readily available outside the airport and will cost between 800 to 1200 Thai Baht. Renting a car Renting a car? Great! Drives on the left.

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